Short Story

I will be posting a link to my short story I have written at some point soon. Here is a quick teaser.

He steps out onto the stage, transcendent. The glaring sun blinding him, the raucous crowd deafening him and the taste of victory on his tongue. His young, energetic face beaming along with those in the crowd chanting him on. His joy apparent through just the shine of those deep blue eyes staring out at the ocean of waving hands. Standing there motionless, lost in time, his heart racing as if a speedboat across the vast sea he sees before him, with land in sight, his goals realised. Frizzy, mousy brown hair covers his head, yet he stands ready to roar as a lion. His nose long, reaching out to the people he cares for, his ears standing out, listening to their qualms. A calm aura exudes to those around, even with his thoughts rushing, like people on a rainy day, blurred like their silhouettes.

The thousands wait in line to hear his voice, their voice of hope and reason. A man of the new, for a new epoch in their history. The phoenix has risen, leading the masses with its light and burning desire. From the ashes of the despotic regime torn asunder, rising through the flames of anger, bright as ever, the hero comes forth. From below, no human face is viewed, rather the mask of change, a separate body rising high above the rest. This faceless personality seen as if one of the crowd, but standing aloof, lonesome at the top.

He motions to speak, drawing the mouths to an instant close and bringing the focus of all the eyes laid before him, the world at his fingertips. His hands are raised high to signal his gratitude, humbly grabbing the love of those watching his every move. Closed eyes, mouth opening with an awkward smile ingrained.


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