Suicidal obsession for                independence,

seeming to lack the patience.

We each wear pendants of our nations chained to our identity.

Nationality burning bridges, pented up anger.

Countries like                tents adrift from the campsite

tainted by how wrong the world is painted


Racism saves us


those immigrant invaders



refused entry into nations.

Somewhat lacking internationalism,

understanding where we stand;

walled up borders – an incomplete jigsaw puzzle.

Factions – the               fractions of society.




those immigrant invaders


Not listening to facts, pining opinion meaning

the minions mining fake gold from

whining media outlets, scheming, skiving tabloids

spreading division like a game,

leading visions of hate meaning people               separate


Racism pervades.


those immigrant invaders.


Immunised against immigrants

Immobilised by hymns of the              far right

They hint at violence

Internationalism a dead cult, racism a growing breed


taking over.


Racism pervades

Immigrants invade?

Racism invades?

A racist blockade.



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