Wine glasses filled full,

lives unfulfilled.

Wives left still,

the man weak willed.


Still lying, laying still

down on the ground,

frowns on their faces,

clowns for all to see.


The silent killer,

the hushed addiction

with rushed diction;

slurring words, blurring lines.


Fears flushed away,

brushed under the carpet.

Problems swept aside

with time sipped away.


Drinking the oasis dry,

the desert surrounding.

Deserting the surroundings

caving in around, destiny sings.


A harsh note to itself,

screeching to a halt,

leaving one at fault,

thoughts crushed, crashed incessantly.


A crescent of the full moon

they once were, a sharp descent.

The incandescence lost, essence failing.

an ailing life slowly fades away.


A bright star losing its shine.



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